What's The Agenda?

The Agenda is far more than just another outdoor brand.

It’s a physical representation of living your life on your own terms.

Going against the mainstream despite the naysayers.

Agenda is for the outlaws, renegades, rebels, wanderers, weirdos, the TRUE outsiders!

And I’m glad you’re here!

Best crop top, Ever!

I'm obsessed with this crop! The shirt is so soft, and has not shrunk in the wash. The length is perfect for a crop top. Big fan! Thank you!


Great t-shirts

I love the shirts, soft, fits perfect. Easy ordering and a quick delivery.



I love my shirt. I bought it on a whim, unsure of the quality, but it totally exceeded my expectations. Keep doing what you’re doing!


Too many skulls

I don't know what this guys deal is but he puts skulls on damn near everything. It's a bit much.