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Story from the trail

This story was written by Cody Quinlan
 “Fuck, my feet could use a break…” I exclaimed, as I found a nice rounded stone to sit upon.  It was day five out in the woods and the first morning that rain wasn’t coming down on us. Springer mountain was a downpour that continued all the way into the eve of Deep Gap. My feet were covered in blisters. In fact, it looked like I had webbed feet, only the webbing was swollen. It was the kind of misery that really slowed a...

Things to come

Agenda Trading Company is more than just a cool clothing brand. It's a way to get people off their ass and outside. 

As some you know, I've been working on a youtube channel with this very idea in mind. But I don't want to limit the reach so i've added this new blog section to the website, where myself and others will be writing articles. You can expect anything from gear reviews, crazy camp stories, camping hacks, to motivation to get you outside!

 If you or someone you know would like to contribute, you can send me...